Every painting is a self-portrait, a look into the painter’s heart and mind, into what they see and feel and think. You must observe what is around you before you can paint it. You must feel sorrow to paint sorrow, compassion to paint compassion and joy to paint joy or it will not feel authentic, it will not be authentic. So, I set off to discover things about the world with the hope that I could one day share those discoveries though my work.

When I first began working, I painted several paintings for a children’s book about Mothers and Daughters around the world. A friend who saw the book said the paintings and words made her cry. They reminded her of the tender moments with her daughter, how much she loved her children and her mother and how much they loved her. I was so gratified that my work evoked something so beautiful within her.

Thus, I discovered my life’s work – To create a visual bridge between a person and their inner emotions, to more deeply discover themselves. My hope is that my paintings will expose within you something you hold dear.